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Believe in Your Dreams….


My Baby girls…

It is with much pride and sentiment that I post these next few pics of our beautiful daughters. They bring laughter, strength, courage, love, music and dance to our lives. There is none other like the smile and love of a daughter. Tommy and I are so blessed by these two little princesses, Celeste & Kyra!

*NOTE* These images were edited with ‘PURE’ and action from the ‘Jeans Sweet Love” action set you can purchase by clicking on this image —->

David & Zachary…Sneak Peek!

Jackie & Tino’s Wedding

Love is a Language

For all of us our love language to God is different. For some of us the area
that stirs our hearts the most might be missions, intercession, reading His
word, fasting, serving, and the list goes on. While all of these areas of
loving on God and allowing Him to love on us are all important each of us has
that one language that just makes our heart swell. After having a conversation
with my husband Tommy this past weekend I came to this conclusion, our love
language does not just pertain to our parents, spouse, children, etc., but it
also pertains to God.


Tom and I had not attended a service at Gateway since the passing of his
father Bill. We as a family all loaded up in the cars and headed to the new
Southlake campus for the Grand Opening service. I can remember walking in and
just feeling so overwhelmed, not only had we been so emotionally drained from
the projects of putting together the special details for dads service and still
pretty shell shocked by the loss of such a special person, now we were
enveloped in what was a huge celebration for our church family. There are not
really words to describe the swirl of emotions that were buzzing about that
day. We say we cry happy tears because we know that Dad is in a better place,
but in a lot of ways even now 6 months later…the tears are instigated by the
pain of losing dad. I am rabbit trailing a bit but I will get to my point. We
walked into the building in Southlake this past Saturday and it is amazing how
even though since we moved to Oregon and back we have only actually been into
the building like 3 times, it always feels like home. I have been doing webcast
but we know that there is a great significance to taking our children, so we
have made a choice and we are sticking to it. I had not realize the emotion that
we had tied to that building, when I walked into the sanctuary and it all came
back to me. You know those feelings that you get (not excited but afraid) the
first day of school where you need to hold on so tight to your mom’s hand cause
you are not sure what to expect from others let alone yourself. We took our
seats and Tom and I just sat quietly as we waited for worship to start.
Watching all the people “move about the cabin”, hehe when one of the pastors
came out and announced that they were doing a live recording that day. Worship
started and man my heart just swelled, like being swept off my feet that day
like I never had before. My Abba Daddy was there that day to meet me where I
was…and I am so glad He knew where I was because honestly I was not so sure

It is amazing the condemnation we put on ourselves when we don’t or aren’t
doing what by society’s measuring stick we should be doing and how that
condemnation if we let can cause us to withhold and miss out on having that
waltz with the Lord that just overtakes us and just brings “Spring” with it. Spring-
renewal, fresh, new, rested; these are just a few of the ways I would describe
Spring. God is like Spring when we have just finished toiling through the
summer, tackled the fall, rested through the winter, He is Spring. I of course
am not referring to an actual year timeline or the actual seasons that the
words, Summer, Fall and Winter represent, I am referring to LIFE.

Life takes us in all sorts of directions, some of those directions makes
sense and some of them don’t, but no matter what direction we are traveling God
is always there waiting for us to invite Him along. Of course by invite I mean
surrender our will for His, acknowledge that we are trusting in Him to guide us
and then let go ‘surrender’ let him do the driving without correcting how close
he is parked to the car next to us, or that we think a different route would be

So after the service was over on Saturday Tom said to me, “I don’t
understand how people that have not been to church in a log time get excited
about worship, is it just cause that is what they are supposed to do, or is it
something more? (this is a paraphrase of course)” I instantly knew he was
referring to me, for me in that service and really any setting where we are
worshiping, with the strum of the first guitar string, I am all in. It is the
one area of worship that I surrender completely without reservation, there is
no holding back. Worship is my love language to God. I can stand in a room
(whether it is live, CD, or just me singing) close my eyes and get lost in the
music. Feeling every vibration deep in my soul…becoming enveloped in His
presence and nothing else matters. Worship is the one thing that I could do all
day long, every day, without ceasing.

So to describe how it makes me feel, how it wakes me up…you know how when
you play a guitar or a drum even or how about a “Krazy Kazoo”, lol.
Noah made a “Krazy Kazoo” for a science project last week, we took a
foil paper tube put wax paper at the end and fastened it on with a rubber band,
and then we had to put a dime sized hole in it to let the air pass through…so
when you talk or hum into it, it makes music. Seems simple enough, our love
language is how we communicate, granted He also speaks to me through dreams,
and visions. But there is nothing that captures my heart like worship….Worship
for me is that “dime sized” hole that allows for the vibration in my life.
So if you try making that “Krazy Kazoo” at home after it is done hum into it
and when you do place your finger on the wax paper and feel that vibration.
That vibration is your “love language” with God. What does that
vibration represent in your life? For me it is Praise and Worship, but for you
it might be something different.

Tom and I are still working through the pain of the loss, as are our
children. But we have to choose to recognize what our love language is with God
and allow ourselves to become immersed in it, which in turn will heal us and
allow Him to fill the void. Perhaps you haven’t lost a parent, maybe it was
something completely different, whatever it is immerse yourself in whatever
your love language is with God so that you too can just be still and know that
He is God in your life.


Allen & Mary Engagement Session

Allen & Mary a very sweet couple. We had a lot of fun this weekend taking some shots in the beautiful down town district in Fort Worth, Texas. Beautiful weather, beautiful city, beautiful couple, beautiful pictures. Congrats to Allen & Mary on their engagement.

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